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Hey Poopy Podcast: Laughing and Learning everything Butt!


Hey Poopy hosted by Dave Byrd and Ellen Stagg launched on January 2019. The idea was simple, a show with two friends who think poops and farts are hilarious and interviewing people on what they thought was funny about number 2 and passing gas. 


Hey Poopy is a weekly show with new episodes premiering every Wednesday or as Dave and Ellen like to call it, “Dump Day”. The format for each episode starts with a “check in”, the hosts and guests talk how they have been pooping recently. From there, they find out about the guest/s involving an array of questions such as what brand of toilet paper they use, over vs under, products or tools they they use to help with pooping, accident stories, childhood memories and much more. And lastly they end each show with the “News” which is actual reports, articles and items of poop and farts all over the world, from legitimate main stream new sources. 

Over 2 years later and over 100 episodes, Dave and Ellen have discovered that this podcast has become a place for potty humor and all that entails, but it also has morphed into an educational exploration of everything Butt! Topics ranging from tips on clogged toilets from a plumber to how bidets are the new future of cleaning up. A dominatrix explains how she creates income with her “poo guys”, a colon therapist and nutritionalist with tips on good colon health. An anal surgeon shares advice on proper rectal health for anal sex, a survivor of rectal cancer talks about her experience.  And animal conservationist discusses various type of animal poop, butt cleaning and preparation techniques for anal scenes by a porn star. Plus more accounts from a varied group of guests and friends, who have funny stories on pooping their pants, farting, health and more.

On the One Year Anniversary in the beginning of 2020 Episode renowned NYC Anal Surgeon, Dr. Evan Goldstein, gave co-host Ellen a rectal examined recorded on the podcast. Listen to that HERE. 

The pandemic of 2020 didn't stop the stories, as Ellen and Dave went virtual only and got so many guests from around the world.  From Stefan Gates in London who wrote Fartology, Gabrus Comedian in LA, Indi Samarajiva from Sri Lanka talking bidets, Patsy Gannon from Poop Like Champion Cereal in Canada, Margaret Cho, Comedian also in LA and many more.  At the end of 2020 Dave and Ellen hosted a Night of 100 Buttholes, live streamed party with guests from the show performing.  

2021 we keep exploring what the Butt does, out and in with even more amazing guests, from a man born with out a butthole, Colorectal Cancer Alliance, Axonics; pace maker for incontinence, Comedians, Authors, and more.  Its so much amazing butt related content you will not want to miss. 

Ellen and Dave's uh-no Stories of when they pooped their pants, hosted by Chris Calogero


Dave and Ellen at Butt Con interviewing a self named “asshole”, Summer 2019.

Hey Poopy Podcast Commercial

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